West Coast's Best Hidden Gem: Paradise Found !

Puerto Real, Cabo Rojo: 

A quaint fisherman's village full of history, attacks by Corsairs (French for pirates) and commerce. Nowadays the hidden gem of the west coast! 


The village (poblado) of Puerto Real (Royal Port), originally Puerto Escodido (Hidden Port) is located in the jurisdiction of Miradero neighborhood of the municipality of Cabo Rojo (Red Cape). The village of Puerto Real is full of history of commerce and attacks by pirates. Here some historical tidbits drawn from the City of Cabo Rojo website:

1493 - Many prominent historians argue that Christoper  Columbus landed during his second voyage 5 nautical miles south from Puerto Real, near the "Guaniquiya" area which is part of  "El Boqueron Bay", Cabo Rojo. This area, as it was written in his log, is "abundant of potable water and good fishing, hunting".


1511 - Exploitation of the Salt Industry. Construction and attacks on Fort Reina Maria located in La Mela (Puerto Real Bay entrance).

1559 - The caborrojeños settlers establish the first town near Puerto Real, in what was called, Los Altos del Bocoya.

1797 - Corsairs attack on Puerto Real. The Magicienne and Regulus ships entered the port destroying and sinking 16 boats and destroyed two batteries of two cannons at La Mela (Puerto Real Bay entrance).

1800 - The Channel of La Mona was occupied by foreign corsairs, especially English, to the degree that no ship could leave port without being hunted. Trade stopped altogether.

1813 - A stage of commerce begins from the bay of Puerto Real. Entry and departure of ships doing business with Cabo Rojo.

1842 - The first modern road from Cabo Rojo to Puerto Real begins.

Since the old days, a dynamic fishing industry emerged since the early 1940s. Dozens of portorrealences are still engaged nowadays in commercial fishing. Puerto Real is known as the "First Fishing Village of Puerto Rico" and as the "Fishing Capital". 


Our area is not only full of history but also blessed with amazing and untouched marine environment. No wonder why two dophins are Cabo Rojo's city shield's symbolic mammal and it's our icon too! West Coast Sailing and the marina where we are based are certified nautical tourism organizations on the best maritime location possible on the west coast of Puerto Rico.

To top it all, West Coast Sailing's coastal playground, on a average day, is protected from the constant poundings of the easterly trade winds waves. This means, for instance, that beautiful Piñeros (pineapple) Cay and Buye Beach is just 35 - 45min. smooth sail trip away from our slip. 

In fact, West Coast Sailing playground is a hidden gem. Welcome aboard and enjoy your day sail around the most pristine area on the west coast.

Ahoy mates, paradise found !

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